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First Roll of Portra Film and Why I’m starting to shoot more film!


January 14, 2021


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Welcome to the journal!
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Hi, I'm Reagan!


First roll of Portra film!!! I’ve had a lot of my clients lately ask me, “So why are your shooting film now, what’s the difference?”

Without completely nerding our on you- here’s a few reasons why 🤓

– Timeless, true to life colors & skin tones. Photos that won’t go out of style, & will look beautiful displayed in your home 20 years later.- Film makes me slow WAY DOWN. Manually loading the film. Manually focusing the lens. Instead of firing off non stop with a digital camera, film makes you stop and realllllyyyy look at the image before even clicking the shutter. Light on point? Couple is cuddled up giggling & looking just perfect? Composition looks great? Ok NOW click. Because film costs a lot of $$$ and even more $ to be professionally developed- it shallnt be wasted! 😉 Film causes my art to become much more intentional, purposeful, and correct IN camera.

– Editing help! Most of my time at home is spent behind a computer screen. 🙂 When you shoot digital, you need to perfect & breath life into each grey, half baked Raw file with color, contrast, (and lots of love!) & this takes a loooottt of time when you’re editing a 700 image wedding day! With film, the lab does a lot of the ground work for me! When I get a scan back I only need to tweak it here & there exactly to my liking. These film shots THEN help me edit the digital files because I have a starting place & direction to edit towards with color, tones, & contrast.

– Last reason! Film puts you in the moment. I’ve noticed that every time I’m shooting film I really connect with the humans in front of my lens. Because of the pauses (loading & rolling film), it allows for deeper connection / conversation- and I love this SO MUCH. Getting to know my people, laughing with them, everyone gets comfortable!! And amazing photos come out of moments when everyone is light hearted, at ease, and just simply enjoying themselves. 🙂

Now digital will always have its place! Especially at fast paced Wedding days when you need to be a photo ninja and MOVE IT to capture every precious moment. (And of course epic dancing & celebrating at the reception. 💃🏼) But hopefully that explanation gave you a tiny insight into why Film is so awesome & you’ll be seeing much more of it on here & the Blog. 🙂❤️ Happy shooting!!!

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Welcome to the journal! This is where we share our recent weddings & engagement sessions, valuable wedding resources for our brides, BTS, our lives, and so much more! We adore working with couples madly in love, and can't wait to tell your story through fine art photography!

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