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My very first roll of film in the deserts of West Texas


October 20, 2020


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Welcome to the journal!
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 recent weddings, engagement sessions, valuable wedding resources for our brides, BTS, our lives, and so much more! We adore working with couples madly in love, and can't wait to tell your story through fine art photography!

Hi, I'm Reagan!


My very first roll of film in the desert!🎞 I can’t explain how excited I am to start slowly incorporating film into my workflow & learn, learn, learn.⁣

The tones, the texture, Ahh !!!⁣ Not to mention the sound, and physically loading rolls of film into the camera itself. Knowing that each frame has to be perfectly composed, perfectly lit, and in focus before clicking that shutter button. You have about 16 shots per roll – so each shot needs to be intentional & purposeful. Shooting film makes you pause, think, and take the sweet time to make an image just that much better. I LOVE shooting digital don’t get me wrong, but I think I am officially hooked on film. :’)

My digital work has always emulated film, and now it’s hard to believe I have officially clicked the shutter of a film camera & sent in my first rolls to the lab.⁣

Alright before I geek out even moreeeee I’ll just leave these here and go! ;)⁣

Side note: I just love Texas & the diversity of landscapes. Texas forever <3 & film photography :))

HUGEEEEEEE THANKYOU not Sarah Stip for single handily teaching me A-Z how to load, shoot, & meter. Find her amazing work here:

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Welcome to the journal! This is where we share our recent weddings & engagement sessions, valuable wedding resources for our brides, BTS, our lives, and so much more! We adore working with couples madly in love, and can't wait to tell your story through fine art photography!

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